Data & Phone Cabling

Data and phone cabling are essential communication assets for any business. Imperial Computer Solutions provides many services to fix, maintain, and upgrade your data and phone cables. We have a master electrician on staff to help your company’s data and phone cabling. We specialize in Cat 5, Cat 6, and copper wiring.

What is a data cable? 

A data cable lets your devices “talk” to each other by transmitting information. This computer dialog is sent in a series of ones and zeroes, otherwise known as binary code. Working data cables let devices communicate with your computer.

An example of a data cable might be the cable that connects your monitor to your computer. The monitor receives information from the computer, which tells it to display the proper images and text. Other devices that can connect to your computer through data cables include cameras and printers.

Alternatively, you may be familiar with Ethernet cables which can connect multiple computers to a single network, perfect for households with multiple devices that can connect to the internet. At Imperial Computer Solutions, we understand that a fully functional data cable creates a fully functional business.

What is a phone cable? 

A phone cable is similar to a data cable (see above) except that it connects your phone devices to the network provided by your telephone company. Keep in touch with clients through Imperial Computer Solutions’ phone cable services. Our trained specialists make sure that your phone cable is up-to-date and working efficiently.Don’t let your data or phone cables become outdated. Imperial Computer Solutions helps you adapt your cabling for new technology features or information expansions. If your data or phone cables are giving you grief, feel free to contact our locations in Grand Rapids or Kentwood.